The Mainwaring Chapel

In 1722 began the first restoration and the early timber and plaster church was cased with brick and the tower built.  Several freeholders and habitants, including Roger Mainwaring, Wm. Swettenham and Thos. Lockett made their lands liable to meet the expense.
The Mainwarings Chapel houses the modern Mander Organ dating from 1964. Prior to that, a 19th century hand-pumped organ occupied a nearby position.
Examples of rare 17th century oval windows can be seen in the Mainwaring Chapel.

Mainwaring Family Crest
Above the north door in a niche outside the Mainwaring Chapel is an Ass’ head issuing from a Marquis’ coronet – the crest of the Mainwaring family.  It is said that a certain Lord of the Mainwarings, belonging to the Peover branch of the family who was fighting in the battle of Askalon in the First Crusade, had his horse twice shot from under him, and there being no more horses available, he secured and mounted an ass, exclaiming “Devant ce je puis,” and that this was the origin of the family crest and motto.  (The real crest appears to be an ass’s head issuing from a ducal coronet).