The Cheshire Regiment


The Colours of the 4th Battalion 22nd Regiment and 2nd Royal Cheshire Militia were re-betted, repaired and re-hung.  These were carried by the Battalion up to 1892 and deposited in the Church shortly after by the Warren-Swettenham family.

Cheshire Regiment Plaque

An extract from the Congleton Chronicle of 16th October 1987 ’50 years ago’:

‘A unique Service was held at Swettenham Church on Sunday when the Regimental Colours of the old 4th Battalion, 2nd Royal Cheshire Regiment were re-hung after restoration work. The Colours were presented to the Church by Col. Swettenham of Swettenham Hall in 1892, and have hung there ever since.
The cost of the repair work, which was carried out by the Royal School of Needlework, has been met by the 22nd Regiment’.


Regemental Colours